English Drama Group

Englisches Theater am Gymnasium Rheindahlen

~ Please note: We are currently on hiatus! ~

We are a group of students from years 6 to 12 and meet in our free time once a week to rehearse our plays. We might not be perfect yet, but it’s all about the fun! We’re doing almost everything ourselves, which is much more than just learning our texts and playing the scenes on stage: some of us are designing the stage setting, creating costumes and doing the make-up, organising props, operating the lights etc. So there’s always a lot to do for everybody. Sounds interesting? We are always looking forward to meeting new talents.

Come and join us and become a part of the English Drama Group – just contact Mrs Steins or Mrs Boschenhoff!

Our performances so far:

  • 2017: The Railway Children (after Edith Nesbit) (Pressetext) (Poster)
  • 2017: Selected sketches from „Monty Python’s Flying Circus“
  • 2018: A Wizarding Story (written by our talented writers Nicola Toschka and Nick Heinicke) (Pressetext) (Poster)

Upcoming performances:

  • To be announced